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Senior Staff Engineer
Industry: Technology
Company size: 1-10
Posted 15 minutes ago

Job description

An emerging data-driven startup, transforming the world through innovative systems engineering and solving fundamental problems around data privacy and security, is looking for a Senior Staff Engineer. The engineer will join the founding team, reporting directly to the CTO and contributing to shaping how the entire SaaS industry builds and deploys systems. The company is taking a groundbreaking and comprehensive approach to securing data and building a world-changing, cutting-edge data privacy solution. This position offers a rare opportunity to join an early-stage team and collaborate to co-create a new culture with an engineering-led, venture-backed team of world-class experts.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop systems to make data secure for everyone
  • Scale the technology at a fast pace by picking up and becoming proficient with new tools and technologies rapidly
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect among teams
  • Deliver high-quality, scalable, and maintainable software

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 3-5+ years of relevant software engineering experience
  • Prior experience with Kubernetes (e.g., making operators or deploying on Kubernetes) is preferred
  • Nice to have some essential cryptography experience (e.g., signatures, symmetric/asymmetric encryption) and networking knowledge (e.g., overlay networks, routing, iptables)
  • Proficiency in Linux kernel (e.g., building modules) and distributed systems (e.g., consensus, fault tolerance, CAP theorem tradeoffs) is desirable
  • Familiarity with Go, C, and Rust
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